Concrete for Foundation & Footing

Technical Excellence at BOS Concrete: Providing Clean and Easy Concrete Solutions.

At BOS Concrete, we uphold the highest technical standards to deliver clean and efficient concrete solutions.

Compliance with British and European Standards.

Our concrete is manufactured in strict accordance with the British and European Standards of BS 8500 and BS EN 206.

Quality Assurance Process

The Ready Mix Concrete we deliver adheres to BS 8500 standards, ensuring that our producers maintain current product conformity certificates through rigorous product testing and surveillance. Additionally, approval of the producer’s quality system to BS EN ISO 9000 is a cornerstone of our commitment to quality assurance. At BOS Concrete, we guarantee that our customers receive the precise ready-mixed concrete specification required for each job.

State-of-the-Art Volumetric Trucks

Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art volumetric trucks, representing a mobile batching plant. This innovative approach provides our operators with numerous advantages over traditional barrel truck deliveries, ensuring efficient and precise concrete delivery right to your doorstep.

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Mobile Batching Plant

Key Benefit to Project and Site Managers One of the most notable advantages for project or site managers is that our concrete mix is prepared onsite. This ensures that the concrete maintains its consistency and structural strength throughout the delivery process, eliminating concerns about drying out in transit or the formation of air pockets.

Volumetric Truck Capacity

Our Volumetric Trucks boast a generous capacity of 10 cubic meters, providing ample supply for various project requirements.

Bespoke Concrete Mixes

Here's a refined version: Unmatched Expertise Across the Board At our company, expertise runs deep from our seasoned operators to our dedicated office staff. Our team is equipped to handle any specification or pricing requirement with precision and proficiency.

Comprehensive Range of Mixes

We offer a diverse range of concrete mixes tailored to your specific needs:

No matter the complexity or uniqueness of your project, we have the expertise and capability to deliver the perfect concrete solution.

Remote Locations

Seamless Operations in Remote Locations

Our volumetric trucks, combined with the expertise of our operators, excel in working in remote locations. This capability eliminates numerous logistical challenges commonly associated with relying on conventional barrel mixer trucks.