Health & Safety Policy

Britannia Onsite Concrete is dedicated to maintaining and continually improving health and safety performance across the company. The well-being of our staff, clients, visitors, and fleet is of paramount importance. We prioritize accident and illness prevention by integrating health and safety considerations into every aspect of our operations. To implement this commitment, we actively encourage all our staff to participate in and support this policy.

Each member of the Britannia Onsite Concrete team undergoes training to industry standards. Our drivers receive comprehensive training in the operation of every type of machine.

We foster an incident and accident-free culture within the workforce, promoting a safer working environment. This commitment ensures the safety not only of our employees but also of everyone associated with the site and its activities.

All Britannia Onsite Concrete lorries and machinery undergo regular maintenance, and servicing and are equipped with the latest health and safety technology. They are fitted with audible reverse alarms, turning reverse alarms, and reversing cameras. This proactive approach to safety underscores our dedication to creating a secure work environment.

Britannia Onsite Concrete is committed to fulfilling its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations, to the extent that is reasonably practicable. Our objectives include: