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PQX and Rapid Return to Service

Accelerating Critical Infrastructure Projects

Industries vital to the nation's infrastructure often necessitate rapid solutions for swift return to service after concrete development or repairs. Delays in completing work on major transport links within predetermined windows can lead to significant financial and operational consequences.

Expertise in Swift Project Delivery

At Britannia Onsite Concrete, we boast extensive expertise in delivering solutions where project speed is paramount. We understand the urgency of critical infrastructure projects and are committed to providing efficient and effective solutions to meet your needs.

Rapid Strength Concrete: The Solution for Swift Return to Service

Also known as PQX or rapid-set concrete, our rapid strength concrete products deliver a high-quality surface that can be utilized by traffic within an incredibly short timeframe.

When your project requires a rapid return to service, our specially formulated concrete mix is the ideal solution. Contact our team for 24/7 delivery services across the UK.

Rapid Strength Days Concrete: Accelerate Your Project Completion

Rapid Strength Days Concrete, developed by Britannia Onsite Concrete, is tailored for projects requiring swift completion. While standard concrete may take up to 28 days to fully set, our Rapid Strength Days Concrete achieves stable integrity in just 2 to 3 days.

Our Rapid Strength Days Concrete offers several key advantages:

Ideal for a variety of construction applications, Rapid Strength Days Concrete provides a reliable and efficient solution to meet tight project timelines.