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Paving & Path

Concrete for Paving & Paths

We utilize an economical and durable concrete mix tailored specifically for general applications like paving and paths, meeting professional specifications. Our service ensures precise delivery of the exact concrete you need, with easy discharge facilitated by our 4m chute.

We have the capability to mix on-site, accommodating jobs ranging from 0.5m to larger projects without any waste or additional part load costs.

Product & Quality

  • Tailored mixes designed to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our concrete mixes adhere to BSI specifications and utilize virgin quarried aggregates.
  • Unlike other concrete suppliers who may use cheaper, lower-quality recycled materials, we prioritize quality to prevent long-term costs.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Cost Savings

  • Our trucks are specially designed for delivering and mixing concrete.
  • We ensure precise mixing with no “part loads,” so you only pay for what you use.
  • Eliminate the risk of over or under-ordering, reducing waste on-site and eliminating the need for skips and shovels.
  • Utilize our simple concrete calculator to determine your requirements.
  • Contact our helpful team for assistance in determining your needs.
  • Quality assurance means no unexpected costs due to material issues.

Delivery Made Easy

  • Our trucks are equipped with 4-meter chutes, reducing on-site workload and saving time.
  • Concrete can be dropped directly where needed, whether it’s into a trench, pump, or wheelbarrow, without the need for manual labor.
  • Our customer service operators are not only trained HGV drivers but also provide exceptional customer service.
  • We boast a 98% on-time delivery rate.
  • Call 0333 999 7758 for assistance; we’re here to help.

Health and Safety

In our plants and on your job sites, prioritizing everyone’s safety and welfare is paramount at Britannia Onsite Concrete. We foster a thriving and distinguished safety culture that empowers each employee to contribute to maintaining an accident-free workplace. We are dedicated to preventing injuries and occupational illnesses through the implementation of comprehensive training programs and the use of appropriate tools. The active participation and leadership of senior management drive our safety initiatives forward.

Safety is a shared responsibility, and at Britannia Onsite Concrete, we believe in collaboration and synergy. We work closely with every customer’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team to create a detailed method statement that encompasses logistics, safety, and emergency plans. This includes considerations such as mobile pump placement, truck routes, hazard recognition, and identification. Going above and beyond, we assign a dedicated safety officer to each job site to observe and enforce safety protocols, ensuring a secure environment for concrete casting without accidents.

The journey to excellence in safety is paved through proactive prevention. Our safety induction training seminars focus on instilling the importance of safety in our drivers, pump operators, and technicians. Through case studies, we emphasize the significance of safety by showcasing examples of incidents, identifying root causes, and establishing preventive measures. This ensures a unified thought process across our entire team.

At Britannia Onsite Concrete, every operator and machine are certified by a third party. Our pump crew consists of seasoned experts with decades of experience, assuring you that your project pours will be risk-free. With our highly experienced team and well-maintained equipment, we prioritize safety to deliver a secure and successful concrete casting experience for your projects.