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  • Headquartered in Birmingham, West Midlands, Britannia Onsite Concrete is a leading provider of high-quality ready-mix concrete, catering to both domestic DIY enthusiasts and large-scale commercial projects. We take immense pride in the exceptional quality, value, and safety standards upheld by our services.
  • Our extensive fleet of trucks and mobile batching plants is fully equipped to meet all your concrete requirements, ranging from 0.5m3 for smaller domestic projects such as driveways, garages, and garden paths, to large-scale commercial ventures like rail, airports, and roads. With our commitment to convenience, our 24-hour delivery service ensures that we can deliver around the clock, 7 days a week, specifically tailored to the schedules and needs of our commercial clients.
  • At Britannia Onsite Concrete, our business operations are seamlessly managed through the implementation of an Integrated Management System. This system incorporates the latest technology and best practices, ensuring compliance with all relevant legal requirements. Through this approach, we strive to achieve established objectives, foster continual improvement, and guarantee sustainable growth.
  • As your preferred supplier, we are unwaveringly committed to providing you with high-quality concrete and a premium service experience.
  • Prioritizing Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance is a cornerstone of our operations. We rigorously maintain stringent controls to ensure adherence to both local and international standards.
  • Our company’s robust commitment to a sustainable environment and the reduction of carbon footprint is evident through comprehensive Waste Management practices, Greening initiatives, strategic Planning, and the implementation of Eco-friendly solutions. We believe in contributing positively to the environment and communities we serve.
  • Our mission is to consistently excel in all areas of our operations. Every time our team leaves the depot, you can confidently expect the very best from us in every aspect of our service.
  • We aspire to be the industry’s benchmark for excellence, driven by our commitment to experience and customer satisfaction. Britannia Onsite Concrete is proud to already be the preferred supplier of choice for many within the industry, a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and service.

Health and Safety

In our plants and on your job sites, prioritizing everyone’s safety and welfare is paramount at Britannia Onsite Concrete. We foster a thriving and distinguished safety culture that empowers each employee to contribute to maintaining an accident-free workplace. We are dedicated to preventing injuries and occupational illnesses through the implementation of comprehensive training programs and the use of appropriate tools. The active participation and leadership of senior management drive our safety initiatives forward.

Safety is a shared responsibility, and at Britannia Onsite Concrete, we believe in collaboration and synergy. We work closely with every customer’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team to create a detailed method statement that encompasses logistics, safety, and emergency plans. This includes considerations such as mobile pump placement, truck routes, hazard recognition, and identification. Going above and beyond, we assign a dedicated safety officer to each job site to observe and enforce safety protocols, ensuring a secure environment for concrete casting without accidents.

The journey to excellence in safety is paved through proactive prevention. Our safety induction training seminars focus on instilling the importance of safety in our drivers, pump operators, and technicians. Through case studies, we emphasize the significance of safety by showcasing examples of incidents, identifying root causes, and establishing preventive measures. This ensures a unified thought process across our entire team.

At Britannia Onsite Concrete, every operator and machine are certified by a third party. Our pump crew consists of seasoned experts with decades of experience, assuring you that your project pours will be risk-free. With our highly experienced team and well-maintained equipment, we prioritize safety to deliver a secure and successful concrete casting experience for your projects.

Every Employee's Safety is Our Priority

Safety Gear

Ensuring the well-being of our team is paramount. Each employee receives new safety equipment annually, providing them with essential protection against potential hazards.

Safety Training

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through bimonthly safety sessions engaging all employees. These sessions not only reinforce our best safety practices but also keep our team updated on the latest safety news. (here we will add an achievement from Britannia)

The We-Care Promise

In the unfortunate event of a work-related or non-work-related accident, our duty extends beyond the workplace. The "We-Care Promise" emphasizes our commitment to providing financial and emotional support to our employees during challenging times. At Britannia Onsite Concrete, loyalty is a two-way street.

Health Insurance

Prioritizing the health and safety of our workforce, every employee is covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy. This ensures their well-being on the job and provides peace of mind for both employees and their families.

One Planet, One Chance

Recognizing the urgency of environmental responsibility, we are dedicated to safeguarding our community and surroundings. Our initiatives include effective concrete mix carbon footprint reduction aligned with LEED and Estidama standards, controlled air quality and noise pollution measures, and the implementation of a comprehensive waste management system. At Britannia Onsite Concrete, we believe in taking meaningful actions to preserve our environment for future generations.